Ditto Double Door Mosquito Net Fitment

Cool interiors and complete privacy during the day coupled with great airflow and ample light takes urban living a level up

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Upto 65% less heat

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Dark Bronze

Product Range

The screen properties are:

  1. Microban – anti bacterial substance chemically infused in fiber glass and polyester meshes to prevent 99.9% fungus formation.
  2. Green Guard – Phifer has the one of the highest certificates which is given for the indoor air quality levels and eco-friendly.
  3. Lead Free – No lead is been used in any of the Phifer screens
  4. Flame retardant – The fiber glass has this property and the fire won’t spread according to national building codes.


Types of Meshes

Fiber glass

BetterVue – It is one of the basic mesh we provide and its fill and warps are evenly distributed for 1sq.inch you can find 18 x 18 fill and warps. The thickness of the mesh is 0.008 inch. It has a new technology called watershed technology.

Elite – This is quite sturdy compared to BetterVue and the thickness of this mesh is 0.09 inch. Two color options such as black and silver grey.

Solar Screen – It has closely woven mesh and it has 20 x 30 fill and warps in 1sq.inch. It blocks 65% of heat and light glare of the sunlight.

Metal Meshes

Aluminum mesh – we have three different color option in this mesh such as black, brite and charcoal. The alloy used is a high grade 5154 Alloy which is used for marine structures and ship buildings, it has high tolerance for towards rusting. Electrode deposit coating is given for the finish.

SeeVue stainless steel – 304 grade steel is used, 18 x 18 fill and warps in a 1 sq. inch, thickness is 0.006 inches. Coated with black powder coating. The enhanced visibility levels is high.

ssVue stainless steel – 304 grades used but the powder coating thickness is more compared to Seevue.Epoxy black powder coating used for the outward visibility.

Bronze – Bronze screen is one of the unique screens of Phifer and it is a mixture of 90 % copper and 10 % Zinc. Its properties standalone in the market and the thickness of this mesh is 0.010 inches thickness. It is mainly used on the antique houses and coastal regions. The dark glittering effect is an added advantage after weathering.

Polyester Meshes

Pet Screen – This screen is seven times stronger than normal screens. It is Poly vinyl coated which is an added strength to this screen. This screen is mainly for the domestic pets, where the pets will not be able to damage the mesh by pushing or pulling. Thickness of this mesh is 0.036 inch.

Tuff Screen – This is also a poly vinyl coated screen; we have two types of screens. It is suitable for patio and swimming pool coverings, automated roller screens.

  1. Velcro Fit – This is the basic fitment in Phifer India and budget friendly. We can use fiber glass and polyester meshes. The minimum size is 0.5 x 0.5 to the maximum recommended size of 6 x 6 ft respectively. The next advantage is that we have sticker type Velcro also for where is no provision for nailing the hook to the wood or any substances.
  2. Classic Window Fixed Fit – In this fitment we can use the 7 types of meshes of Phifer and this can be used where there is no space and not much usage needed. The fitment contains aluminum frames and arrested with stoppers on the four sides (stoppers in plastic). The maximum recommended size of this fitment is 2.5 x 6 fts respectively.
  3. Classic Window Openable Fit – This fitment is same as the fixed fit but operation of this fitment changes as t has hinges, handles and stoppers. 7 types of Phifer meshes can be used. This fitment is normally used for the budget-oriented houses. The maximum recommended sizes are 2 x 6 ft respectively.
  4. Ace Window – This is known as the premium window fitment of Phifer India. The frames are unique and has two grooves, one is for the mesh the other one is for the weather strips and magnetic strips which will be inserted in the frame. All the accessories are of aluminum (hinges and handles) 7 types of Phifer meshes can be used as an option. The maximum recommended sizes are 3 x 6 ft.
  5. Ace Door – The is a premium door fitment and is aesthetically well built. The added feature of this door is we provide 5inch thick middle plate and kick plate to prevent the mesh from coming out of the fitment if pushed and combination of the 9 types of meshes can be used. The maximum recommended sizes are 3.5 x 8 fts.
  6. Classic Door Fit –This door is economical and budget friendly and the magnets used in this fitment are pieces with magnet catchers, middle plate and kick plate will not come in this door option it will be normal door type. The same combinations of 9 types of meshes can be used in this fitment. The maximum recommended sizes are 3.5 x 8 fts.
  7. Glossy Roll Fit – This is one of the most stylish fitments in Phifer India, in this roll up fitment only elite fiberglass can be used. This fitment’s maximum recommended sizes are 5 x 5 fts and is not recommendable for more than 2nd floor installations and windy areas.
  8. Glide Fit – This is one of the strongest fitments of Phifer India and can withstand high wind pressure. The shutter can be removed for cleaning and easy operations. It is mostly used for balconies and French windows, 9 types of Phifer meshes can be used in this fitment. The maximum recommended sizes are 8 x 8 ft.
  9. Trim Glide Fit – This the reduced version of the glide fit, will be very economical and budget friendly, we have introduced this fitment and same operations as glide fit. The maximum recommended sizes are 6 x 6 fts.
  10. Trendy Fit – The anodized coating finish of the frames gives the fitment a raw metallic look. This fitment’s operation and frames are as same as Classic window fit. The maximum recommended sizes are 2.5 x 6 fts.
  11. Crease Fit Ditto – This fitment has a unique style of operation, otherwise known as collapsible window/door. The mesh used in this fitment is pleated polyester mesh. This can be used as single door and double door. The Maximum recommended sizes are for single is 5 x 10 fts and for double 10 x 10 fts.
  12. Crease Fit Pleated – This fitment is a pleated system the installation process is simple and easy. The frames are sturdier, the mesh can be removed from the fitment. There are two types of installation – inner installation and outer installation. The maximum sizes are for single 5 x 10 ft and for double 10 x 10 fts.
  13. Crease Fit Barrier Free – This fitment has a chain mechanism which makes this fitment standalone from any other fitments. There is height ratio recommended for this fitment 1:2. For e.g. If the height is 100 cm the width should be only 50 or less not more. The maximum recommended sizes are for single 5 x 10 ft and for double 10 x 10 fts.
  14. Barrier Free Caterpillar – The operation of this fitment is same as crease fit barrier free except with no height ratios. The width can be unlimited, the fitment can be used to cover large balconies and openings.

We have standard four colors to our products such as White, Ivory, Honey gold and Dark brown. The customization of colors is available if the customer is asking for a special color the cost and time will be additional.

Take the measurement in three places for a single fitment for sure of the minimum sizes which can eliminate the errors made in the measurements.

Description Windows Doors Balcony
Magnet fit
Classic window fixed fit
Classic window openable fit
Ace Window fit
Classic door fit
Ace door fit
Glossy roll up
Trim Glide Fit
Glide Fit sliding window
Crease fit ditto
Crease fit pleated
Crease fit barrier free
Barrier free caterpillar
Trendy fit

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