Ace Door Fit vs. Traditional Screens: Which is Right for You?

By Phifer Mosquito Screens

The battle against mosquitoes is real, and your choice of door screens can make a difference. Let's compare the cutting-edge Ace Door Fit with traditional screens to help you make a decision on the best defence against mosquitoes for your home.

Traditional Screens - The Time-Tested Approach

Traditional screens have stood the test of time, providing a reliable barrier against mosquitoes. Available in various materials and styles, traditional screens have been a staple in homes, offering an effective solution to keep insects at bay.

Installation Ease

Ace Door Fit brings modern ease to installation, particularly with magnetic options that can be easily attached to door frames. Traditional screens may require a more involved installation process. Evaluate your DIY skills and the time you're willing to invest in the installation process.

Maintenance Requirements

Ace Door Fit often requires minimal maintenance, especially with retractable and magnetic designs. Traditional screens may need periodic cleaning and potential repairs.

Versatility and Convenience

Ace Door Fit excels in versatility with retractable and magnetic options that offer convenience without compromising on protection. Traditional screens, while effective, may lack the flexibility of retractable or magnetic designs.