Beyond Frames: Classic Window Fit Ideas to Enhance Your Home

By Phifer Mosquito Screens

When a sleek window fitment option has to be mounted on a non-wooden window, a box frame is first fixed to the window, and then the sleek window is fitted on it. Classic Window Fit is a mosquito screen system best suited for windows.

Phifer Classic Window Fit Ideas to Enhance Your Home This type of fitment offers ease and flexibility in removing the frames and remounting them back on windows. The fitment is made of a high-grade aluminium frame. This fitment is perfect to keep you protected from mosquitoes without affecting the aesthetics of your home. This has HDPE (high-density polyethylene) hinges, stoppers, and handles.

Phifer mosquito screens assure durability and longevity Our screens are protective, made up of fine mesh that effectively doesn't allow mosquitoes to enter and assures longevity. This can fit your specific requirements for your windows. We also ensure a snug and secure installation.