Is the Magnetic Mosquito Screen the Right choice for your Window?

By Phifer Mosquito Screens

Replaces your regular aluminium mosquito screen with Phifer's Magnetic mosquito screen for your window.  Phifer mosquito screens are of high-quality standard and uniform weaving pattern, which doesnt allow mosquitoes to enter only allows gentle air and light flow without darkening the space.

Yes Phifer Magnetic Mosquito screens is the right choice for your windows.

Easy Installation: the installation is straightforward without the use of any screws or springs. It can be installed by you also because it uses magnets to attach themselves to the doors and windows frame.

Effective and Sustainable: you can easily remove it during summers and store it properly for the next season making it a sustainable and budget friendly option.

Hands Free Entry: if you have a child and pet at home, magnetic mosquito screens are the best option because it allow to enter easily without getting any hurt or scratches while passing through the magnetic mosquito screens, hence it's easy to use.

Natural Pest Control - compare to mesh, magnetic mosquito screens are more effective in keeping mosquitoes away.