Mosquito Screen Innovations: Keeping Up with the Latest Technologies

By Phifer Mosquito Screens

Here are some of the latest screen innovations:

Latest technologies led to innovative

mosquito screen solutions keeping mosquitoes away.

Retractable mosquito screens can be rolled up and allow you to enjoy the view from window. Such screens are used for larger opening and for convenience situations.

Smart Mosquito Screen are integrated with smart home systems. They are controlled remotely, with the benefit of opening and closing the screens from anywhere.

The Solar  screens are made up of sun control fabric, which cuts 65% sun heat and glare and UV rays,  which are energy-efficient and eco-friendly

Magnet Fit insect screen is designed to provide an aesthetic finish to the windows. The screen adheres to the windows and doors with the help of the PVC strips that uses ‘H’ magnet and ‘I’ magnets for a snug and steadfast fit.

Phifer  screens have dual-purpose, it protect from mosquitoes and provide good ventilation.