Sliding or Swinging? Choosing the Best Door Mosquito Screen for Your Balcony

By Phifer Mosquito Screens

Sliding Door mosquito screens are an ideal option for your home. It keeps mosquitoes, pollen and dust away from your home. Here are a reasons why you should install Sliding door mosquito screens:

Ecological & Sustainable: It is an ecological solution cause it can be recyclable up to 90% and sustainable for the environment.

Protect from Allegries: sliding door mosquito screens protect from dust and pollen to enter which is a great advantage for allergy suffers

Customizable: Phifer mosquito screens for doors are customizable, so that it get easily fit in your door frame. Also available in different types, fitment and colour options

Affordable: sliding door mosquito screens have great functionality and are user-friendly and affordable compared to swinging mosquito screens