Window Screens vs. Mosquito Nets: Which Is Right for Your Home?

By Phifer Mosquito Screens

Mosquito nets is the best, unique and beneficial choice for your home.  Mosquito nets give durable benefits, it is similar to window screens.

Here are the benefits of installing mosquito net at your home.

Protect from insects : The Thickness of the Screens are very thin and gaps are even and smaller than insects, help to stop mosquitoes from entering but allowing Good air flow.

Easy to Install & Use: mosquito net is easy to use and install helping to keep the dust and insects away and protect them from mosquito-borne diseases.

Space-Saving : by installing mosquito net you don't need extra space. It gets tucked in the window without spoiling the look of it.

Enhanced Aesthetic: Phifer's mosquito net is available is different colours, designs and mesh quality adding to the home decor and improving the overall look of your home.