Mosquitoes Were Present When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth

As we live in a tropical country, mosquitoes have always been a part of our lives from early on. Have you ever wondered about these blood-sucking pests that hinder your peace every day by giving you mild itches to terrible diseases?

Mosquitoes have been causing trouble for all living beings from before the age of dinosaurs. In the beginning, it is believed that mosquitoes relied on flowers and fruits for their diet while later they fed on animals and when the human species evolved they changed their food source.

The origin of these blood-suckers is speculated around 226 million years while the oldest fossilized mosquito found is 145 million years old.

The prehistoric mosquito is more or less the same as the pest that lurks outside our houses and even during the cretaceous period they drank blood to survive but whether they drank dinosaur blood or not is unknown. But they were responsible for wiping out almost half the population across the world throughout the time by spreading deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, etc.

Today there are more than 3000 varieties of mosquitoes all over the world making them one of the most successful species. To safeguard yourself from the deadly diseases brought by these pests, use mosquito repellents while you’re out and use mosquito screens while inside your homes.

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