Summer Comfort: Creating a Bug-Free Outdoor Oasis with Mosquito Screens

During summer, every night mosquitoes fly into homes and feed on the blood of sleeping adults and children. To save your family members from mosquitoes – mosquito screens is key for getting a restful goodnight sleep – which is actually a lifesaver for everyone.

In India, most of the people are surrounded or live in such locations which have become a mosquito breed and which lead to malaria and dengue. Which makes everyone, whether it’s children or adults fall sick for prolong time and lead to fever, headache, vomiting and at time death too.

To flight against malaria and dengue and prevent the death rate mosquito screens are the best and most effective options to keep your home bug free.

By installing Phifer’s mosquito screens you can protect and prevent from mosquito borne diseases. Being a leading manufacturers and global distributor for mosquito screens. Their mosquito screens are reliable and effective in use, their fabric quality, affordable price and deliverable has gained popularity among the market and are highly appreciated by their customers.

Phifer’s mosquito screens for their door, windows and balconies are perfect for every household because of their customized facilities, along with it’s efficient, functionality and durability adds to the aesthetical overview.

Here are the reasons why Phifer’s mosquito screens should be installed at your Home:

1. Create a Bug-Free Oasis

Mosquito screens primary reasons is to keep the mosquitoes, flies, bees out of home specially during summers.

2. Maintaining your home hygiene

For instance, most of our time, we leave our food uncovered and the window open. This will definitely invite unwanted flies and insects crawling over your food. And after imagining the scene you must be feeling worse now. But if you install Phier’s mosquito screens you don’t need to recreate this screen and protect your home and family members from unwanted flies and insects coming in.

3. Kids Safety is Necessary

If you have kids, then without giving any second thought, install Phifer mosquito screens at home, because mosquitoes unfortunately enjoy feeding blood of kids and also carry unwanted diseases like dengue, malaria, Zika Virus and Chikungunya.

In order to prevent from diseases, without restriction from roaming in the house make sure you install mosquito screens on the doors, windows and balconies, this way the mosquitoes screen will do it job for protecting the kids and simultaneously kids will enjoy their time at home with everyone.

4. Mosquito screens – the Security guard

Phifer’s mosquito screens are made up of dense material and strong fitments for doors, and windows which behave like a security guard for your home from mosquitoes. Good quality of mesh and fitments helps to keep your home safe by not giving anyone the access of visibility and keeping it safe from mosquitoes.

5. Energy Efficient and Save Money

Switching on to mosquito repellent throughout will definitely affect your electricity bill per month. Then install Phifer’s mosquito screens and save your electricity bill.

Phifer’s mosquito screens have a special feature that helps to regulate the temperature (good ventilation), which helps to be more energy efficient and also cut off your air conditioning electricity consumption.

This also helps in proper ventilation without opening window and inviting insects from outside. This will definitely be a long term investment for you.

6. Welcoming Natural Light & Fresh Air

If you think installing mosquito net will make you feel suffocated then you are wrong! Phifer mosquito screens allows fresh air to circulate and natural light to enter without opening your door and window. The good quality of mesh only keeps the bugs and mosquitoes by allowing fresh air and sunlight to enter the home.

Phifr’s mosquito screens have the customizable options, along with that it is available in different colours, screens and fitments based on your requirements. At Phifer’s we believe that our innovative yet stylish mosquito screens will make you feel more comfortable at home.  

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