Creating a Bug-Free Oasis: Mosquito Screens for Your Garden or Deck

Phifer mosquito screens are the best way to protect your home from mosquitoes and other insects, including flies, wasps, and bees, throughout the year. One of the areas of your house where you notice most of the flies and mosquitoes is on the garden or deck.

Having a garden or deck area has many advantages. You can relax with family during the evening while enjoying the fresh air, which helps you forget about your stress and relax. If you have kids, they love to spend time in the garden and play around.

But in spaces like a garden or deck, there can be a breeding zone for mosquitoes and other insects. These places are located either near the kitchen or bathroom, and for us, your and your family’s safety matters the most. So it is essential for you to install good mosquito screens to protect your home and family.

Factors to Consider Before Putting Mosquito Screens

When you purchase mosquito screens, it is essential to remember these factors, especially when purchasing mosquito screens for your garden or deck.

Mesh Quality and Durability

Always analyze the mesh that you are going to choose; its quality and durability are vital. High-quality mesh material is very resistant and helps to protect your garden in the best possible way.

Type of Opening System

After selecting the mesh quality and type of opening system you wish to have, depending on that, you will choose and install the phifer mosquito screens, which include magnetic screens, roller screens, and other options.

Types of Mosquito Screens

At Phifer, you can find a variety of mosquito screen options to install in your garden or deck area. We would like to recommend a few screen options for your garden or deck area in your house.

Sliding Mosquito Screens

It is an ideal option for a garden, terrace, or deck entrance to withstand the weather. These alternatives are often used in kitchen doors that open onto the garden. It is also important that you take into account whether people staying are suffering from pollen allergies or not.

ssVue stainless steel

This type of screen is woven from stainless steel and is much stronger than standard insect screens. These screens are wider and thicker, which improve visibility, airflow, and protection from mosquitoes.

Pleated Screens

 Pleated Screens are extremely durable and add to the beauty of your home interior. The pleats fold and unfold seamlessly, which is best suited for large openings like terraces, gardens, or deck areas.

Tuff Screens

This type of screen is three times stronger, and the mesh quality and durability are the best. It can withstand rough climatic conditions.

Phifer mosquito screens take into account different types of mesh material and fitments for doors, windows, balconies, and garden areas without spoiling the interiors of your home.

Contact Phifer mosquito screens to get quality mosquito screens for your home. Protect your home from the dreaded mosquitoes and celebrate all the get-together you want in your garden or deck area.

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